“I want to continue serving the city of Murfreesboro by using my experience and passion for financial management on the Murfreesboro City Council. It has been an honor to serve on the city council for the last four years and while we have lots to work to do, we’ve accomplished a lot of things I’m very proud of for everyone in this great city.” —Rick LaLance

Rick LaLance is a Murfreesboro native and began his career at a Nashville brokerage firm over 20 years ago; making 250 cold calls a day. LaLance has been with Pinnacle Financial Partners for the past 17 years and, today, manages over $150 million of investments for his clients. “I basically run a small business inside Pinnacle,” he said. “Every day, I discuss the needs and issues my clients face and help them come up with solutions to ensure their financial future. That’s the kind of information gathering and thoughtful proposals I also provide on the city council. I’m a bottom-liner. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But if it needs fixing, lets figure out the best way to solve problems and remain fiscally responsible.”

Rick LaLance and his wife are raising their two children to love their community and to always give back. An avid outdoorsman, sports coach and community volunteer make Rick LaLance a great choice for Murfreesboro’s City Council.

LaLance says, “We can continue the City’s history of low taxes by being fiscally conservative. That means improved planning, prioritization, and execution of capital projects, smart growth
preparation, and dealing with financial issues head-on. We need to do more to attract higher paying jobs and use technology to increase efficiency to offset some of the increased cost of providing services.”

Please vote for Rick LaLance for Murfreesboro City Council on August 2, 2018.