Lalancefamily“I want to serve the city of Murfreesboro by using my experience and passion for financial management on the Murfreesboro City Council.” —Rick LaLance

Rick LaLance is a Murfreesboro native and began his career at a Nashville brokerage firm 17 years ago; making 250 cold calls a day. LaLance has been with Pinnacle Financial Partners for the past 13 years and, today, manages over $100 million of investments for his clients.  “I basically run a small business inside Pinnacle,” he said.  “Every day, I discuss the needs and issues my clients face and help them come up with solutions to ensure their financial future.”

Rick LaLance and his wife are raising their two children to love their community and to always give back. An avid outdoorsman, sports coach and community volunteer make Rick LaLance a great choice for Murfreesboro’s City Council.

“We can continue Murfreesboro’s history of low taxes by being fiscally conservative. That means smart growth, using a broader tax revenue base to keep our tax rates low, and making sure we have efficient services,” LaLance said. “I understand how numbers work.  Minimal debt is a necessary tool for a city that is experiencing growth like ours, but I believe you take on as little debt as you can, structure it correctly, and pay it back as quickly as possible.”