Smart Growth
Adding high quality jobs here in Murfreesboro is very important to me because it affects how Murfreesboro grows. By attracting better jobs, we can provide an opportunity for all of our citizens, young and old, to build their careers right here in Murfreesboro and advance their current positions.  From corporate headquarters, to manufacturing and retail—we need to refine and build on the economic growth pattern we’ve seen for the last several years. An improved local economy will help grow local home ownership and increase average household income—thus improving overall quality of life here in Murfreesboro.

We also need to be mindful of how well our infrastructure is prepared for any growth we experience. Our schools need to be prepared, our roads need to be sufficient and safe, and our emergency service providers must be staffed and trained. Smart growth is essential to maintaining a desirable quality of life.

As parents of two school-aged children, my wife and I understand that long-term success starts with a great home environment and a great education. Parents, teachers and students must work together at every level to ensure our children are receiving the very best education they can right here in Murfreesboro. It is important to me that every child in our city, no matter what situation or economic status, has the opportunity to excel in their education and therefore succeed in life. One of the keys to attracting businesses that want to relocate is a strong education system. I believe our Murfreesboro school system is as strong as any in the state, and I want to keep it that way so that our children have the best shot at succeeding. Better students make a better Murfreesboro.

Parks & Recreation
Murfreesboro’s Parks and Recreation Program is one of Tennessee’s best. As a sports coach and avid outdoorsman, I’ve seen how important quality recreation is to our children’s success. I will support opportunities to keep our Recreation department the best in the state, including updates and renovations and finding new opportunities to improve current parks and to expand green space for outdoor activities. Being active and getting outside are important aspects of life for many of our residents, and we need to ensure that there are ample opportunities in Murfreesboro to stay active.

Fire and Police
Our first responders need the best training and equipment so that they can do their job—protecting us. It makes sense that working directly with the Fire and Police Departments will ensure that we create the best environment for success.

I also want to make sure we have the resources we need to fight crime in our City. Crime rates are are an ever increasing concern in Murfreesboro and we want to keep our city safe. Our citizens expect safety, and this will be a top priority of mine. We have done a lot to improve the equipment and training for our officers over the last 4 year and I will work to continue to build on that progress. With improved technology, more officers, and proper training, we can continue to make Murfreesboro a very safe city to raise our families.

Economic Responsibility
We can continue the City’s history of low taxes by being fiscally conservative. That means improved planning, prioritization, and execution of capital projects, smart growth preparation, and dealing with financial issues head-on. We need to do more to attract higher paying jobs and use technology to increase efficiency to offset some of the increased cost of providing services.

Please vote to Keep Rick LaLance working hard for us on Murfreesboro’s City Council on August 2, 2018.